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Roasted Chicken and Tomatillo Soup


Check out my tomatillo soup. I seared and roasted the chicken legs. Charred all the tomas, jalas, onions and garlic. Pureed all the veg, shredded the chix. Simmered and added more chix stock. Added black beans. And yes, I could have stopped there. Oh no. I then fried corn tortillas in the chix fat for a garnish. I could be satisfied, but no. I then fry the chix skin to a bacon-like crispness and you can see it nestled in the dollop of greek yogurt. I am overwhelmed. My eyes are watering from the spice; I’m hiccuping from the tart, sweet ‘n sour flavor of tomatillos. It’s not pretty but dang, I’m happy.¬†Photo: Becca Henry.



Potato Gratin


This is probably a lighter version than you’re used to. I used milk versus cream and less cheese, but I did add layers of mushrooms and onions sauteed in duck fat and topped it with fresh baguette crumbs also sauteed in duck fat. Lighter…really? Regardless, it’s one delicious little potato lasagne. I also added some herbs like chive and lavosh from the garden. Best tip…don’t be stingy with the salt! Those taters are thirsty. Photo: Becca Henry.

Ideas for the next attempt.
1. Add a layer of bread crumbs inside as well as on top to absorb all the milk.
2. Flavor the milk with spice like nutmeg and bay leaf. Maybe try half and half.
3. Add a layer of greens like spinach or kale.