Pulled Pork with a Red Chile Sauce


I endeavored to make a red chile enchilada sauce with some dried poblano and other chiles. It was a quite an ordeal with the roasting, stemming, steaming and puree-ing. What I got was a beautiful red earthy sauce with a slight bitter taste. Drat. When I searched the net to find out why, I got all sorts of reasons: not being diligent with getting all the seeds and membranes removed, letting the water boil, and stirring the sauce counter-clockwise. Okay, that last one is not true, but jeesh.

I proceeded to try to sweeten the sauce, adding tomato paste, honey, agave syrup, and who knows what. It did help, yet that bitterness was still slightly there. Double Drat.  So, here I am with this huge pot of sauce and a lost afternoon. What to do?

Well, make pulled pork sammies is the obvious answer to that question. I theorized a sweet pork butt would take my slightly bitter sauce and wear it like a mink coat. And I was right. This was the tastiest mistake ever, and I want to make it again. My no-longer-bitter baby is shown here on a multi-grain hoagie roll, with red cabbage slaw and jalapenos. Photo: Danie Woodward.



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