Garlic Roast Beasty

There’s nothing like a big hunk of beef for a cold and snowy weekend. Now get your mind out of the gutter and let’s talk. I got this rump roast on sale and promptly froze it. I’m still not sure why. I mean I like beef, just not a lot of beef. Regardless, it was time to cook or toss the big lug. I stuffed about 10 cloves of garlic into the roast and rubbed with oil and salt. I placed the roast directly on the oven rack with a pan underneath to catch all the drippings. To this pan I added a quartered green apple, more garlic and some rosemary. I must say…yum. And the sauce…yum.  I deglazed the pan with some water and threw the mix into the blender and whipped up a smooth paste. Then back on the stove for more water and butter and salt. The apple and garlic bits are divine.  I also roasted some taters with rosemary. The best part, the really best part was this morning. I warmed some taters, diced beef in my trusty cast iron skillet, and topped them with two soft eggs. Photo: Becca Henry.



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