Steak Tacos with Danie’s Grilled Banana Ketchup

I love perusing the “manager’s specials” and getting a marked down hunk of meat. This week, I scored a London Broil (it’s kinda fitting….after all the Olympics are on) and made steak tacos with avocado, red cabbage and grilled banana ketchup on corn tortillas.  My niece Danie made the ketchup as part of another adventure and I am glad there’s so much. It’s sweet and tangy and spicy, and a nice change from the tomato variety. I predict eateries all over will soon have signature ketchups, it’s time for a change. Back to the matter at hand, the tacos. I marinated the London Broil for a few days then grilled it to medium rare. I will spend all week slicing off thin pieces and enjoying a hot or cold taco with creamy avocado, crunchy cabbage and spicy ketchup. It really makes week day meals seem effortless. I made steak and eggs for breakfast, too.  Photo: Becca Henry.



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